Costul livrarii

Prețul livrării în timpul zilei între orele 10:00 și 21:45
Cost of delivery across or. București 8 Ron
For orders costing more than 50 Lei, delivery is performed free of charge.

Plasarea comenzii

Prin telefon *2525, făcand legătură cu operatorul de call centru
Prin a plasa comanda în regim on-line pe site-ul nostru.

Delivery waiting time  ≈ 50 min.
Our operator will process your order from 10:00 to 21:45 on weekdays, weekends and public holidays (except December 25 and December 31 and January 1). 

Online checkout on

By on-line checkout on the website:

When the order is on-line on the website.

Within 5 minutes after checkout, one of our call-center operators will contact you to confirm the order.

Be careful when you write your telephone number to confirm the order.

If nobody called you, we ask you to contact us: *2525

Unconfirmed orders will be canceled.

Payment methods

Cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard Maestro) by receiving the order.

Order receiving

By receiving, be sure that you received the tax receipt and slip receipt (in case if you pay by credit card). If you need additional documents, please inform previously our call-center operator.

By order receiving, please be sure that you have the whole order according to the receipt.